The main entrance for Exhibition Centre is located to the North side of the building facing ACC Liverpool and M&S Bank Arena. It should also be noted that queue placement may not be determined until shortly before doors open.  We therefore cannot guarantee accuracy in queue allocation prior to doors opening. 

Any events which we can release information on will be shown on our website in the What's On section. Unfortunately, we cannot give details of all up and coming events, due to our confidentially agreement with the organisers. Sign up to our mailing list for the latest information.

Please note, if you experiences any problems prior to or during the event please speak to a member of our stewarding team immediately as issues cannot always be resolved after the event.

We aim to offer the best service available to everyone who uses the venue. If, however, you do have a complaint, please contact our team by completing our feedback form.

These items are not permitted into the premises or anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or experience of others;

•Glass, cans, aluminium bottles or thermoses of any kind including liquid products which can be consumed.

•Flammable liquids in any container

•Laser pens/pointers

•Fireworks / Flares / Pyrotechnics

•Smoke Bombs

•Large/golf/metal tipped umbrellas

•Knives or weapons of any kind

•Illegal drugs or substances

•Alcoholic beverages

•Signs, banners or flags on poles or staffs

•Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)

•Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other noise-making distractions

•Projectiles (frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)

•Aerosol cans (hairspray, deodorant etc )

•Fireworks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays

•Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards


• Helmets

•Large studs and chains

•Anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or experience of others

Fancy dress is welcome for the relevant events and we want everyone to have fun, any costumes you wear must be in line with this spirit, they should not be offensive in any way. We reserve the right of entry.

Venue regulations mean that any masks or helmets must be removable and your outfit may be searched.

Some events include some form of flashing lighting or strobes or other types of special effects.  Signage is displayed around the concourse to advise people if pyrotechnics, lasers or strobes will be in use.  

On occasion, the organiser of the event may choose to sell official merchandise inside the venue only.  Please note the event organiser is responsible for this service, not the venue.  Please contact our Box Office on the day of the event to find whether merchandise will be made available.

Exhibition Centre Liverpool has achieved the  Breastfeeding Mayoral Quality Mark from Liverpool Bambis.  As a venue we welcome babies to be breastfed in any public area of these premises and a mother who is breastfeeding will not be asked to move or stop breastfeeding. We understand that some women prefer privacy when breastfeeding and a room will be allocated on request to allow a mother visiting us to breastfeed in private.

Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult for attending an event at our venue.