To help ensure the enjoyment of all audience members, we recommend customers bring with them only essential electronic items.  In most instances the promoter will allow small fixed lens cameras, set in still image mode, however we advise customers contact the Box Office prior to arrival to ascertain what the policy will be for the show.

Please note that the M&S Bank Arena is unable to permit the following electronic devices and may be required to extend this on an event by event basis:

  •  Professional-type cameras fitted with a detachable zoom lens and/or tripod (with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event)
  • Devices which permit streaming, video or audio recording
  • Tablet devices of any size
  • GoPro! or similar devices
  • Any other electronic device with camera and/or filming capability

Mobile phones are permitted into the venue but customers may be requested to turn these off or refrain from capturing images by the promoter.  Disruption to other audience members through the continued use of electronic devices, including mobile phones, may result in the ticketholder being removed from the venue.

For the health and safety of audience members, ‘selfie-sticks’ and/or similar devices are not permitted into the venue.