Accessible Tickets

Nimbus Disability      Access Card


Our goal is to ensure our customers' accessibility needs are met when booking through our ticketing provider Ticket Quarter. We aim to ensure every customer can enjoy performances at our venues irrespective of health conditions or disability.

We have recently partnered with Nimbus Disability and The Access Card to ensure customers' needs are met at events. Nimbus is one of the country’s leading providers of disability-related advice and support to professional organisations and is recognised as a leading authority on accessible ticketing in the UK. 

If we are ticketing your event, to ensure the right tickets are sold to the right people, we require all access bookers to provide us with a Nimbus registration number to qualify for any accessible tickets or discounts available at the time of booking. 

For more information please visit:   

Registration for our customers is free of charge.

*Subject to eligibility and terms and conditions