Our Accessibility Targets

As an organisation we are committed to providing experiences that are accessible to everyone. We are continually working behind the scenes to increase the accessibility and usability of our venues, making sure that every visit to our campus is an enjoyable one.

We aim to create and maintain a workplace that is accessible to all and free from any barriers or restrictions that will impede fair and equal development and growth.

Accessibility is about more than just physical facilities, it’s our culture and attitude that sets us apart.

Our Accessibility Strategy forms part of our Social Value Impact Plan and is an integral part of our community pillar and runs over 3 years.

“Our Hometown means the world to us and our reason for being is to positively impact the lives of our local community. We want that impact to be more than economic, we also want to deliver positive impact through education, wellbeing and inclusion.”

Our commitment
The ACC Liverpool Group prioritises and promotes an inclusive organisation that supports the Liverpool City Region’s aim to have ‘accessibility at the heart of all that we provide’, a place where diversity is celebrated.

We aim to remove barriers to participation and make it our commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors attending any event across our venues. We are committed to learning and evolving towards a more inclusive and accessible world.

We aim to keep improving by listening to and engaging with the voices of our communities, and delivering on our promise to embed an inclusive and accessible culture in all that we do.

Our aims

  • Make our customer and visitor experience inclusive for everyone
  • Always look to learn and collaborate with accessibility experts
  • Promote equality and fairness. Going beyond the campus to contribute to an accessible city
  • Value all feedback and use it to continually improve our customer experience
  • Understand and remove barriers to digital participation and services
  • Be open and honest in what we can and can’t do and explain why

How we’ll do it

  • Work with customers and visitors to recognise and understand their needs so we can put equality and inclusivity at the heart of our venues, services, and facilities
  • Make accessibility a key consideration in all future developments and innovation across our campus
  • Invest in technology and systems that will make our facilities more inclusive for customers and staff
  • Create and promote an inclusive culture. Train and support staff to deepen understanding around equality, diversity, and inclusion

Key deliverables for 2024
We know that it will take time to embed new practises, and not all aims can be addressed at once. These are the priorities we have identified for this year.

  • Achieve an Attitude is Everything Gold Award
  • Create a new inclusivity and equality training plan for all staff and service partners
  • Publish an accessibility guide in digital format
  • Produce a measurable internal and external engagement strategy
  • Develop a site improvement plan based on recommendations from ACCESSABLE
  • Create an ‘Inclusivity Toolkit’ to help clients build accessibility into their events