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11 September 2019

Forget January 1st, September heralds the start of a new year – the kids are back to school, the summer holidays are over and we should all be feeling refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

Hopefully the creative juices will start flowing as a result of this renewed vigour.

With this in mind, here at ACC Liverpool we are launching our Let’s Create campaign and are approaching the ‘new year’ as a blank canvas.

Every inspirational idea starts on paper and we are encouraging our industry colleagues to put pen (or crayon or paintbrush) to paper and sketch out how they see their events developing.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to be able to visualise how an event should look – whether it’s a conference, exhibition, banquet, awards ceremony or launch event - even if it starts as a simple drawing on a sheet of paper.  The most innovative, imaginative and creative ideas are always welcome and it’s up to us to help bring the wow factor and transform it into something spectacular.

Take the Specsavers Variety Performance in one of our venues Exhibition Centre Liverpool.  The initial concept was just the seed of an idea – our Specsavers client organised a brainstorm with their creative colleagues, grabbed a few crayons and sketched out a concept.  We were able to provide a blank canvas venue with 8,100 sqm of space that can be transformed to showcase any event.  We helped to bring the celebration to life as our in-house production team developed detailed plans, designs and visuals to demonstrate options and additions to enhance and develop the event. 

Fast forward 10 months and a masterpiece was created in our venue - attendees walked through a specially constructed star-clothed tunnel which led into the halls (see photos).  The halls were transformed into a Royal Variety themed spaced, featuring aerial silks, a stage, banqueting area and dancefloor.  Full production elements included lighting, sound, AV, show calling, content creation, auto cue, artist liaison and stage management.  The team also provided technical support for a talent show for staff, working with participants and ensuring the required AV was in place.

Never has there been a truer phrase than mighty oaks from little acorns grow and this September we are encouraging our industry colleagues to grab their easels, paint their little acorns, watch them grow and create a masterpiece – with our help. We are supplying art packs containing drawing books, an easel, crayons and even our own ACC Liverpool newspaper to cover your work space.

Grabbing a paintbrush can be a fun team building exercise and it’s therapeutic to draw so it’s time to get creative.  Perhaps paint a picture of your team, or your office, or visualise what you want to achieve for your next event. 

So painting isn’t just for the kids as they go back to school for the new year - roll your sleeves up, get creative and share your masterpiece with us @ACCLiverpool.