Corporate Social Responsibility

The ACC Liverpool Group is a beacon for the city. As a part of The ACC Liverpool Group, Exhibition Centre Liverpool is operated ethically and responsibly. We strive to build upon our position as a responsible business for clients, visitors, partners and employees.

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Exhibition Centre Liverpool monitors and measures progress and always explores new opportunities to improve using a five-point CSR strategy. We seek to sustain a well-managed, profitable business that is responsible and has a positive impact on the environment, employment and economic contributions to the local and regional community.

Committed to our Community

Committed To Our Community

We are  proud to call Liverpool home. We are dedicated to supporting the local community creating continual programmes of community investment, educational initiatives and employee volunteering.

Respectful of the Environment

Respectful Of The Environment

Through the development and delivery of sustainable initiatives, The ACC Liverpool Group is focused on reducing any impact our business may have on the environment. We are committed to delivering sustainable activity and will continue to operate with respect for the environment while growing our position as an industry leader in sustainability. 

Committed to Responsible Purchasing

Committed To Responsible Purchasing

We are committed to our partners and acting fairing for both suppliers and service providers, through our procurement and supplier management processes.

Accountable in the Marketplace

Accountable In The Marketplace

Our clients are encouraged, wherever possible, to support and extend our commitment to CSR. This includes being a presence in local communities and creating a lasting legacy in Liverpool through support of the third sector.

Responsible in the Workplace

Csr Resized

We are committed to inclusion, diversity, training, education, development and the promotion of health and wellbeing in the work place. We meticulously apply reliable Human Resource processes and responsible policies.